My name is Sergei Zjuganov and I am mostly known for my automotive photography.

I am based in Estonia and running a successful production agency. I am always keen on pushing my boundaries and traveling around the world to wherever my next shoot takes me. As my native market is extremely small in terms of automotive photography, I am currently looking for new clients and partners in larger markets, such as Europe, USA, and the Middle East.
My visual style is inspired by modern architecture and sculpture. I am interested in commercial and editorial jobs.

My clients’ list includes:

Audi Estonia, Audi Middle East, Deals On Wheels UAE, Daimler AG, Porsche Estonia, Lexus Estonia, Toyota Baltic, Honda Estonia, car collectors, museums and numerous workshops.

I am very excited to see your business inquiries.

Sergei Zjuganov

E-mail:  sergei@sergeizjuganov.com

Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 50 22 569

Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 174 828 9597

Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 52 846 5454



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