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Sergei Zjuganov Art & Media

Niine 11, 10414 Tallinn
Telefon: +372 50 22 569

A thoughtful approach. High quality. Deadlines withheld.

I have been creating advertising and marketing materials for a bit more than 15 years, in Estonia and neighboring countries. I have photographed corporate executives and line workers, factories, hotels and private homes, food and drink, furniture, jewelry, ships, planes and of course cars. During this period, I have honed my skills so that no task is technically difficult. I solve tasks alone or with a team, depending on the scale of the project. We also do the necessary work with the help of our reliable partners.

We are convinced that marketing and advertising assets are effective and successful if they are precisely targeted and well planned out at every stage. For many of our clients, we have been a long-term partner who can be relied on in every situation.