High Quality Photo and Video Production

We provide photo and video services. Architecture, portrait, product and service photos and video solutions.



We are a creative team whose goal is to offer the customer profitable, high-quality and eye-catching solutions for introducing his product or service.
Our aim is to reach a trusty and transparent long-term relationship with the customer, which facilitates communication processes.
No goal is unfulfilled.


-Speed. Due to the size of the team, we are flexible time-wise.

-Adherence to deadlines. We are creative, but we understand the needs and concerns of entrepreneurs, so there is no delay in handing over the finished work.
-Easy and specific communication, understandable vocabulary.
-Clear overview of project stages during the process.
-Assistance with time planning and logistics for the shooting day.
-Possible to offer a solution based on client’s budget.


-Experience since 2005
-Served several business areas
-We understand how businesses work
-Knowledge helps to prevent problematic situations
-Ready solutions for typical situations
-High quality requirements for the finished photo or video assets


Solutions in different price ranges according to the customer’s needs: often a seemingly similar job can be fulfilled for several different purposes and at different levels. The final price is determined by the complexity of the work and the level of finishing. For example, a simple product photo for a web-shop is significantly different from a photo taken of the same product for advertising usage.


-Over 15 years on the market
-A-credit rating (Creditinfo 2014-2018).
-positive customer feedback: 98,7%
-2000+ successfully completed projects.
-65% of the workload is brought to us by regular customers, we have worked with many for more than 5 years.

We are trusted by:


Long-term experience in photographing various types of real estate. Individual approach, depending on client’s goal and target group. Extra effort is put on choosing daytime and light conditions, as well as removing distracting objects in post-production to achieve higher visual aesthetics.

Offering the following type of photography, both interior and exterior:

-apartments and private housing photography
-hotels, SPAs, other types of accomodation, photography for Booking and AirBnB
-factories and production buildings photography
-malls and shops
-infrastructure (roads and various buildings)

Aerial photo and video (drone photography). 

Take a look at finished projects and contact us to arrange a consultation.


Various portrait photography solutions for different purposes:

– Representative portraits of the company’s employees, professional portraits in the studio, at the client’s place or in another place of their choice

-Portrait (corporate) magazines, articles and press releases

-advertising and editorial photography

Take a look at finished projects and contact us to arrange a consultation.


Product and service photography is not just a picture, but pricise asset for successful sales.

We offer solutions for photographing the following products:

-vehicles and transport (cars, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, etc.)
-furniture (beds, cabinets, chairs, baths, etc.)
-equipment and electronics
-food and beverages
-service photography (corporate photography – meetings, production and service process, staff communicating with the customer, etc.)

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Video is becoming a mandatory tool in presenting a product or service in order to grow business results. Video helps to quickly convey thoughts, can be a powerful influencer in decision making. Our videos are easy to perceive and understand.

Production, directing, filming, editing, background music creation, sound design, 2D and 3D graphics, voice-over in different languages. Team size depending on the project.

We perform the following types of work:
-Advertising videos
-interview videos
-internal communication videos
-instructional videos
-long-term timelapse solutions for construction sites
-drone videos

Take a look at finished projects and contact us to arrange a consultation.


Clients’ feedback

We have worked together before, so I had no doubt to call again. Sergei (in our case it was a photo production) not only has a very good experience in managing people on a set, but also a sharp eye for details: whether someone's hand is wrong or some dress is on the pendant. His strength is certainly the ability to cope with difficult lighting conditions, such as in spa.

Lauri Teorein
Wagenküll SPA




Sergei Zjuganov Art & Media

Postal address: Pikri 5-27, 13624 Tallinn


Telefon: +372 502 2569
E-mail:  sergei@sergeizjuganov.com


A thoughtful approach. High quality. Deadlines withheld.

I have been creating advertising and marketing materials for a bit more than 15 years, in Estonia and neighboring countries. I have photographed corporate executives and line workers, factories, hotels and private homes, food and drink, furniture, jewelry, ships, planes and of course cars. During this period, I have honed my skills so that no task is technically difficult. I solve tasks alone or with a team, depending on the scale of the project. We also do the necessary work with the help of our reliable partners.

We are convinced that marketing and advertising assets are effective and successful if they are precisely targeted and well planned out at every stage. For many of our clients, we have been a long-term partner who can be relied on in every situation.